Banish Sun Damage With Laser Therapy

Banish Sun Damage With Laser Therapy, Laser therapy to treat sun damage, What is laser therapy?

We all love spending time in the sun. However, as soon as your skin is exposed to the sun, the damage starts. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which damages the DNA of skin cells. Sun damage impacts your tissues long before symptoms of sunburn like reddening or peeling appear. Over the years, sun damage to the skin accumulates, contributing significantly to apparent aging. Photoaging, the premature wrinkling of sun-damaged skin, is more reversible than many other types of natural aging.

Laser therapy to treat sun damage

While sun damage can't be completely reversed, cosmetic treatments like laser therapy can repair many of its visible results.

Effect of sun damage include:

At High Rock Internal Medicine, our team of health care professionals has experience with a range of cutting-edge high-tech aesthetic services, including laser skin therapy. Laser therapy treatments like laser resurfacing can boost your confidence in your appearance by removing the damaged outer layers of your skin.

Laser resurfacing lets you go forward with a freshened face, banishing sun damage to your past. Different laser technologies and techniques may be best for your treatment, based on your age, degree of skin damage, and other health factors. We'll work with you to determine the right course of treatment for you individually.

What is laser therapy?

Also known as laser peeling, laser resurfacing uses short pulses of concentrated, high-energy light to safely remove surface layers of damaged skin, revealing the unblemished new skin beneath. With the use of a wand-like laser instrument, we precisely calibrate your laser treatment to reduce risks of skin irritation or reactive conditions like hyperpigmentation.

During laser therapy, the lower layers of your skin also experience a significant rise in temperature. The increased temperature stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen acts to smooth and even your skin as it heals, resulting in a revitalized and renewed surface.

After laser therapy

We may prescribe an antibiotic or antiviral medication before the procedure. After laser therapy, the treated area is bandaged, and healing is completed in 10-21 days, depending on the size and location of the treated area. Some swelling and peeling should be expected for the first few days. After healing, it’s important to protect your new skin from the sun's harsh UV rays.

If you're interested in seeing what laser therapy can do to rejuvenate your skin, contact our offices today to schedule a consultation. Conveniently located in Lexington, North Carolina, we offer walk-ins, same-day appointments, and the option to book online. Both new and established patients are welcome to schedule a consultation or exam.

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