Help! I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

If you do an internet search for the words “lose weight,” you’re bombarded with more than 850 million results in under a second. And most of these results are long on promises but short on results, as witnessed by the millions of Americans who continue to struggle with their weight.

At High Rock Internal Medicine, our team of medical experts understands all too well how difficult it is to lose weight, and keep it off. Sure, fad diets may produce fleeting results, but we’re more interested in meaningful and sustainable results, which we provide through our weight loss services.

Here’s a look at how we can help you finally gain the upper hand on your weight issues.

A weighty problem 

The numbers surrounding the weight problem in the United States are jaw-dropping: One-third of Americans are considered overweight, and another third is considered obese. This means that two out of three Americans struggle with weight issues.

With these numbers as a backdrop, the CDC reports that nearly one-half of adults in the United States tried to lose weight within the last 12 months. Of this number, the percentages were higher among women and among those between the ages of 20 and 60.

Given that half the population routinely tries to lose weight, why are we still facing a weight crisis? 

There are many reasons for the lack of success, but we feel that the absence of proper support and education play key roles.

A helping hand

As medical practitioners, we understand the science behind fat and what truly works when it comes to losing those unhealthy pounds.

When you embark on one of our weight-loss programs, we give you the tools for success, starting with individualized plans that are unique to your circumstances, medical history, and goals.

These plans typically include:

Weight loss is a multi-pronged effort that’s best accomplished through better dietary and exercise habits. But these recommendations are terribly broad, leaving you wondering where to start. We’re here to help you every step of the way, providing medications that may jump-start your efforts and education that will serve you well long into the future.

For example, we devise an exercise regimen that works with your lifestyle, and we continually tweak the plan as you progress and gain more strength.

In addition, we believe nutritional counseling is key to success. Many of those who struggle with weight have an unhealthy relationship with food. Through our counseling, we teach you how to eat well and enjoy healthier foods that support your overall health and your weight loss.

Lastly, we’re convinced accountability and support are paramount when it comes to losing weight. Through regular visits, we measure your efforts, applauding your successes along the way and giving you a push whenever needed.

If you’re tired of struggling with weight loss, it’s time to get the right team in your corner. Simply call our office in Lexington, North Carolina at 336-477-9110, or book your appointment online to get started.

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