Now's the Time to Start Laser Hair Removal for Silky Smooth Skin this Summer

If you calculate the time and energy you’ve spent ensuring that your legs, bikini line, and underarms remain hair-free, the results would likely surprise you. Instead of investing even more into these exhausting and time-consuming efforts, why not try laser hair removal, which delivers longer-lasting results? 

The team here at High Rock Internal Medicine wants to ensure that our patients have access to the products and services they need to look good and feel great. As part of our extensive suite of services, we offer laser hair removal, which relies on the power of light to reduce unwanted body hair.

Here’s a look at why laser hair removal is so effective, as well as why, if you start now, you’ll have silky smooth skin in time for summer.

The science of hair and laser hair removal

All the hair on your body starts growing inside follicles located in your skin; the follicles are concentrated in different areas of your body, depending on your gender. You have the most hair follicles — up to five million — when you’re still in utero, and this number only falls as you enter the world and age, since your body doesn’t create additional follicles.

With our Icon® laser, we target the melanin (pigment) in your hair follicles with intense pulsed light energy, which heats up and destroys the follicles, rendering them unable to produce more hair.

Areas we can target with laser hair removal

Our Icon laser technology is noninvasive, which means we can safely use it in most areas, including your:

While these are the most common areas our clients want us to tackle, if you have unwanted body hair somewhere that’s not listed here, we can certainly take a look to see whether laser hair removal would be appropriate.

Laser hair removal timeline

The reason we suggest you start your laser hair removal now is that it takes us some time to fully treat all the follicles in your target areas. That’s because, at any given time, your hair is in one of three stages:

  1. Anagen — active hair growth
  2. Catagen — a transitional phase
  3. Telogen — the resting phase

During your first laser hair removal treatment, we target the follicles we can readily identify, which means they’re in the anagen stage. We circle back to the treatment area several more times over the following weeks to address follicles that are transitioning from the resting phase to the more active hair-growth phase.

Preparing for your laser hair removal sessions

There’s not much you need to do to prepare for your laser hair removal treatments, except we do ask that you avoid anything that may darken your skin, such as tanning. We also ask that you don’t wax or pluck your future treatment areas, as these techniques remove the hair from the follicle, making it harder for us to locate the source.

If you’d like to ditch the razors and cancel your waxing appointments, contact our office in Lexington, North Carolina to schedule your laser hair removal.

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